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   National Directors & Co-founders of the AWMN - Sue Corbett and Leonie Mayer     

         Established 2001   

    Sue                                             Leonie  

   Girls Torque is the sister site to the AWMN for the fans and supporters of women in motorsport and the auto industry.


  Terri has been a member of the Australian Women's Motorsport Network since 2005. 

The AWMN was established in 2001 and it's basically a support network who help promote women in motorsport and the automotive industry.

Their mission is to encourage more like-minded women to become involved in these male dominated fields and to create respect of the many talented women already involved in motorsport.

I'd like to introduce you to their latest initiative which is the publication of this: GRASSROOTS DRAG RACING MANUAL.

                Inside view > 

Covering more than just the basics...this is a comprehensive guide for all newcomers and fans. So if you have an interest in this awesome and very addictive sport then this is the book for you and at only $8 it's a bargain.

To get your copy visit:

www.awmn.com.au or email; support@awmn.com.au            


To encourage more women to become involved in the male-dominated fields of motorsport and the automotive industry. 

Also to help increase respect of the many talented women and determined women who are already involved.


 There are no gender or age barriers.

Associate membership is FREEand available to all like minded women and supporters, simply by joining the AWMN online forum at:



                                                                     WOMEN ON THE MOVE                                               


   Women in vehicles, on the track, we do see,  

   Taking their cars or motorbike,   

   They don the helmet and racing suit,       

   Then line up in the staging lanes,        

   Into the burnout pad they go,            

   Creeping into stage and triggering the lights,

   Pedal to the floor, off they set,    



      And really they're just like you and me

      To the nearest racing site   

      Bringing more women to recruit  

      Remembering a pass, frame by frame

      Smoking them up, like old Joe  

      Waiting to react, what a grand sight 

      On a mission they'll never regret.


                                                                                      by Terri Sander                                              

 AAustralian and proud to be!

 WWomen’s talent a must to see!

 MMotorsport there are plenty!

 NNetwork reaching out and touching many!





                                               AUSTRALIAN WOMEN'S MOTORSPORT NETWORK


 The AWMN is the place to be,

 They'll give females in motorsport,

 Unique they are in many ways,

 And a sister site has come to light,

 Giving fans and supporters also a place to be,



  For women just like you and me

  Lots of encouragement and support

  Showcasing the talented women of today

  Girls Torque is a most welcome sight

  Shouting out aloud their delight in what they see.


                                                                                     by Terri Sander