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               Australian Women's Motorsport Network                
        1320x Australia                   1320x Grass Roots Drag Racing                        Racers IMC International Motorsport

                                       Truly Australian!  Born In Ipswich - Queensland







 Age: Then




Age now: 57                                  Height: 5' 2"

Absolutely love to race!                                        

Spend some of my time writing short stories and rhymes.

Always striving to do my best not only with my racing but life in general.

Try to handle the highs and lows with a smile on my face.




Weight: unknown








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( Books I have written  below )

  Cassie Koala and Friends, as listed under Children      Family Camping at Borumba Deer Park, as listed under Parenting & Families        Billy Butterfly, as listed under Children       An Angler's Paradise       Australian Wildlife, as listed under Children  

   Short Stories and Rhymes, as listed under Poetry      Our Family's Need for Speed, as listed under Sports & Adventure            ON TRACK, as listed under Sports & Adventure             Journey for the Gold in the Bus from Hell, as listed under Sports & Adventure         Click to preview book






                                                                            BIOGRAPHY - TERRI SANDER



I'm a wife, mother and grandmother and my passion is drag racing. I became involved in this fantastic sport in 1993 and even after 2600 passes down a drag strip I never tire of doing it. The adrenalin still pumps before the start of racing and this and my competitive side keeps me interested in the sport. My first pass was in a Bluebird Station Wagon that ran 19 seconds over the quarter mile and I raced at Street Meetings at Willowbank Raceway, Queensland, Australia.

Then I progressed to a 308 HX Premier running 16 seconds to start with and my current race car is a left hand drive Rover called, "MAMA'S TOY." My best elapsed time as of July 2010 is 11.20 @ 121 mph and I race in the Super Street bracket at major meetings.

This is open competition against males and females, young and old.

I can and do on occasion drive the truck that we use for transporting the race car to the different tracks.

I have achieved much in my racing career and the most memorable was in 2004 when I won the Nationals at Willowbank Raceway and received the coveted ANDRA gold Christmas Tree trophy and only the 5th woman in the history of this event to do so.

Another that comes to mind is the New Millennium after winning the right to become the first person down a drag strip anywhere in the world in the year 2000. On New Years Eve in 1999 I competed in a street meeting at Willowbank Raceway and the reward at the end of the night was having the opportunity to be the first in the world down a drag strip in the New Millennium. In order to achieve this one had to first win their bracket and with six brackets and then the dial-in shootout, it was not going to be an easy task.

I was lucky enough on the night to win the Powderpuff (all ladies bracket) and ran 11.963 on an 11.96 dial-in to win the shootout and at 4 minutes past midnight on the 1/1/2000 I made a solo pass down Willowbank Raceway to be the first in the world down a drag strip in the New Millennium.

Reaching the final and coming runner-up and the first time at Palmyra Dragway, Mackay was another achievement.

10 years after my first drag race I was diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump and my initial reaction was shock and I thought I wouldn't make it. After spending much time having chemotherapy and radium treatments, losing my eyebrows and hair and quite often being very ill, I am pleased I came through the other side and this was definitely my biggest and most important achievement of all.


My husband was a tower of strength in my time of need and I thank not only him but also my family and friends who cared for me during this ordeal.     

                                                MY STORY >        

My family have supported my drag racing in particular Warren who is my partner, mentor, financier and mechanic and without him I would not be where I am today.


Family: Married to Warren, 2 Children, 4 Grandchildren
Started Drag Racing: 1993 at Willowbank Raceway at Street Meetings
Toughest thing about Drag Racing: The emotional side of winning & losing. The heat and when it rains and you can't compete.
Best thing about Drag Racing: It's a fantastic sport that people of all ages can participate in
Best Race Car: Rover

Best Win:                             

2004 Australian Nationals and receiving the ANDRA gold Christmas Tree trophy.

2009 Nitro Champs at Western Sydney International Dragway and receiving 2nd ANDRA gold Christmas Tree trophy.

2009/2010 Rocket Allstars Racing Series - AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION for Super Street and 3rd ANDRA gold Christmas Tree Trophy.

Toughest loss: 2004 Australian Championship by one round of racing
Advice to Newcomers: Number one in my book is to have fun. Then if you are after wins, practice lots and the win should come your way
  PB Quarter Mile: 11.10 seconds
  PB Speed: 122.73 mph
Future Racing Goals:
          Future Goal:
Compete as long as possible and hopefully many more wins.       CONQUER MY CANCER & live a long life with our family. Date when written 25th August 2013