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                               1/8 Mile Series - Round 2 - 14th May - Warwick Dragway 2011

The day commenced with the gates opening at 7.30am...travel time for us was around 2 hours...bit of a hold-up coming up the gap with road-works going on after the recent flood damage.

More than 100 competitors entered this event and on completion of paper work the racers were handed a copy of the Queensland Street Car Magazine along with Queensland Street Car stickers.

With scrutineering finished it was time to lay down some rubber with qualifying passes. We had 4 qualifiers in total! The Rover stepped out slightly in second gear in the first 2 passes as did some of the other race vehicles.

Mama managed 2 wins for the day and as the day sailed on by so did the warm weather conditions. 

The track officials were very helpful throughout the day and I believe the event went rather smoothly. 

Big congrats to all the finalists!

We woke the next morning to ice on the vehicles and had to thaw everything out including ourselves before heading on home.

Congratulations to Warwick Dragway for a very successful meeting.

For those who may not know how this 1/8 Mile Series works the point system goes like this:

5 points for Pre Entry

5 points for qualifying

10 points for travel (Each racer must nominate a home track.)

5 points for a win

3 for a loss

50% Bonus Points will be awarded for all points except Travel Points at the Final Round in Roma.

My accumulated points - ROUND 1 = 25

                                       ROUND 2 = 33

There is 4 rounds to this series the next being Benaraby Dragway 9th July then the Grand Final at Ironbark Raceway in Roma on 24th September 2011.

Happy motoring!




                          1/8 Mile Series - Round 1 - 26th February - Willowbank Raceway 2011                                                   


1/8 Mile Series - Round 1 - 26th February 2011.

We're at the track ready at 1pm to take on the 1/8 mile.

This was to be the first time for me to try out the new line lock for doing burnouts...so as not to kill the brakes so much.

I took the Rover down the return road to test this new device. Seemed easy enough but like any change it may take some getting use to...now for the bigger test.

After entering the burnout pad...left foot on the brake pedal, finger on the button then remove the foot and plant other foot on the accelerator.

All went well...Warren said he could see me going through the motions in my mind so as not to make a mistake and perform this task to the best of my ability.

Before racing was to commence we came across a slight problem with the drivers door jammed shut. It took the guys an hour of continuous struggling to find a solution to this dilemma. Warren had to use a tool to open the door trim and it looked like he had taken to it with a can opener...NOT PRETTY. However after discarding a small piece of plastic, which was the culprit, the door then opened and shut like a beauty. 

If it hadn't been for Warrens hard work and persistence and his helpers ( John Mackay, Andy Stathis, Debbie Mackay, Felix Kilmister and Wayne Humphreys (for the loan of his tools) I would not have been in the running to accumulate points in this series and have fun competing.

Thanks guys for all your efforts...a job well done and very much appreciated!

A small hiccup occurred during the meeting with a 10 minute down-pour but a good decision on managements part saw the jet-drier come out and the meeting continue on into the night.

This series is run on 'ROUND ROBYN RACING' by competing against 3 different opponents. I managed 3 wins but was amazed at winning the third as the Rover just stopped dead in its tracks on take-off. My opponent broke-out and since I was able to restart the car and accept the green light I was awarded the win. Running so late on the lights however gave me no chance of being in the final.

I thoroughly enjoyed racing and give a big congratulations to the winners.

Mama is looking forward to competing again soon!


              CASTROL EDGE WINTERNATIONALS - 10TH TO 13TH JUNE 2010                


                                                       AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION - 2009/2010 Season



Castrol Edge Winternationals - 10th to 13th June - 2010. 

The Castrol Edge Winternationals Event, held at Willowbank Raceway, was massive to say the least. It's the biggest drag racing event outside of America.

This four-day meeting began on Thursday 10th June and continued on until Sunday the 13th with around 485 racers with their

crew competing for the Australian Championship in their respective brackets.

The crowd rolled in each day and filled the grandstand to cheer on the racers.

Set-up day for us was on the Wednesday and qualifying saw us with 3 runs on the Thursday.

Friday and we had 2 rounds of racing both of which mama claimed the win light.

Early Saturday morning and round 3 was at 8.36am. We dialled-in 11.64 and ran 11.65 for the win once more.

Now we had to wait until Sunday for the final three rounds of racing.

Okay this is the quarterfinal! It begins at 8.06am. This time I’ve dialled-in 11.63. I had a .047 reaction to my opponents .129 

and  ran 11.67 backing down slightly near the finish line for another win.

Next up a solo pass for an entry into the final. We ran this pass with the race car running 11.627 so our dial-in for the final would 

be lowered.

Our final race was at 3.49 pm and I knew it would be a tough race as I was up against the young guy who had won our 

Track Championship.

The reactions were close…mine was .057…my opponents .031…so I’m in with a chance. We both broke out and I lost by one

thousandths of a second.

I claimed the Runner-up position at the Winternationals and placed 3rd in our Track Championship for the 2009/2010 season.

The most glorious victory of all is being the winner of our Super Street bracket in the Rocket Allstars Racing Series and being 

an Australian Champion.

How many motorsports do you know of where a 54 year old grandma can compete against young guys in their 20’s and be able 

to win a championship?

Drag Racing is the best!

But remember…do it safe in a controlled environment…do it at the tracks. After all our family and friends are way too precious to lose.

Thank you to our family, friends and fellow racers who gave me so much encouragement throughout this four day event.

I definitely believe this helped me to stayed focused on my racing and to win the AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP is absolutely astounding. I'm blessed to have such fantastic support! Love you all!